An  Annotated  Webography  of  Johannes Brahms

The purpose of this selected list of sites is to show the range of what is available on the Internet in regard to Brahms, and as is the nature of this technology, what there is, is always in flux.


A.  Selected Internet Sites for General Music Resources

I 1

WWW Links for Musicology
American Musicological Society: Sites of Interest to Musicologists

I 2

Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University. Website and online bibliography of reference sources previously called “Music and Dance Reference.” Devoted to music and dance bibliography and reference, over 7,000 entries.

I 3

Los Angeles High School Library
Internet Subject Guides:  Music, n.d.  extensive references to classical music in MIDI format, also photograph archives

I 4

Irving S. Gilmore Music Library
Yale University Library:   Music Resources on the Web

 Brahms Internet Sites

I 8

Berger, Jonathan
“Brahms at the Piano:  Sonic archeology”: An analysis and transcription of the 1889 cylinder recording of Johannes Brahms performance of a segment of his First Hungarian Dance.


I 16

Ezust, Emily
"The Lied, Art Song, and Choral Texts Archive." This is a useful source for locating texts and translations of Brahms's Lieder and choral works. Vocal works without opus numbers (including folksongs) are also included. Updated almost daily.

I 17

Fay, James S.
"Brahms Clarinet Works Bibliography", 1991.
A selected bibliography taken from Fay's dissertation.

I 19

Discographies in classical and popular music. Recordings of works by Brahms are included in the following:


I 21

Naxos on Brahms
"Brahms, Johannes (1833 - 1897)"  "Composers' Biographies and their Works" n.d. Overview of life and works; includes recommended recordings.


I 22

Horgan, Sally
"The Spirit of Folk Song in the Lieder of Johannes Brahms" n.d. [note: loads as a .pdf file]

I 23

Hyperion Records.
"The Hyperion Catalogue" n.d. Brahms recordings cited

I 24

Johannes Brahms (1833-97)
Includes MIDI arrangements of Ungarische Taenze nos. 3, 6, 7 (by B.Travis); and MIDI arrangements of excerpts from Opp. 45 (by M.Petri), 49 (by A.Kitisa), 56b (by F.Raborn), 68 (by F.Raborn), 77 (by A.De Brandt), 118 (by R.Finley)


I 25

Thomas Quigley
"Johannes Brahms WebSource.” Includes biographical information and a works list; as well as an "Image Gallery"; information on Brahms Societies, Scholars, Festivals and Special Events; plus audio clips from recordings, and an annotated "Webography" of Web resources.



I 31

"Johannes Brahms"
A video about Johannes Brahms from

I 33

Lampson, L.D. [Dave Lampson]
"Basic Repertoire List - Romantic Repertoire" 1995. Includes Brahms recordings.

I 34

Lampson, L.D. [Dave Lampson]
"Recommended Recordings. Late Keyboard Music" Revision 2. August 5, 1992. Includes Brahms recordings.

I 35

Lampson, L.D. [Dave Lampson]
"Recommended Recordings. Late Orchestral Music" Revision 2.2. January 6, 1994. Includes Brahms recordings.

I 37

Lampson, L.D. [Dave Lampson]
"Recommended Recordings. Late Chamber Music" Revision 2.1. January 15, 1993. Includes Brahms recordings.

I 41

Norrish, Michael.
"Brahms, Johannes," in Norrish. "Classical Composer Biographies" n.d.
Includes the author's thoughts on Brahms as a composer and his works.

I 42

"On the Centennial of the Death of Brahms"
in "Davidsbuendler Home Page." n.d. Contains:

o  [Furtwaengler, Wilhelm] "Brahms and the Crisis of Our Time"
English translation of W. Furtwaengler. "Brahms und die Krise unserer Zeit"

o  "Gustav Jenner: Brahms as Man, Teacher and Artist"
Excerpts in English translation from G. Jenner. "Brahms als Mensch, Lehrer und Kuenstler"

o  " Brahms the Progressive? "
Analyses the text setting in Op. 91, no. 2.

o  "Brahms’s Late Works"

o  "Brahms’s settings of poetry"

o  "Schiller Institute 2001 presentation on Op. 45" (formerly on Davidsbuendler)
"How Johannes Brahms and Friedrich Schiller Instruct us in Today's Civilizational Crisis"



I 50

William and Gayle Cook Music Library
Indiana University: "Johannes Brahms: Collections of Songs" n.d. Provides contents information for a number of Brahms song collections held by the Music Library.

I 51

Brahms’s Grave
From, includes an article on Brahms's life and music

I 53

Lesson Tutor
Student lesson idea on Brahms and Schumann

I 54

Lesson Tutor
Information specifically on Brahms from/for Lesson Tutor

I 55

"Johannes Brahms."

I 57

Oracle ThinkQuest Education Foundation
Search under the composer's name for biographical and contextual information.

I 58

Johannes Brahms
Search Beat One Stop Web – featured composer: Johannes Brahms

I 57

Oracle ThinkQuest Education Foundation
Search under the composer's name for biographical and contextual information.


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This list was prepared and annotated by Thomas Quigley with the assistance of Mary I. Ingraham

Last updated August 2013